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Chair: Nicole Hanson

Butter Braids:

Hello hockey families,

My name is Nicole Hanson and I am happy to announce that the Butter Braid fundraiser has officially started.

Butter Braids sell for $12 each and for every one you sell you will get $1.50 credit. These yummy pastries are delivered frozen and then thawed and baked at home, and they are easy to sell - people really enjoy them!

Order forms are located in the lobby of the Mandt Center, next to the wreath order forms. Please have your order forms and payment handed in by Wednesday November 8th, there will be a folder located near the concession stand. Delivery is set for Monday November 20th, pick up time will be announced closer to the date.

If you have any questions about the fundraiser please feel free to contact me at  .


Nicole Hanson